RockIt Careers

Reinvent the Wheel?

By Mitchell Mandel

You do not have to reinvent the wheel; you just need make it roll for you.

Many of our clients have found us after months of searching for new employment without getting the desired results. They have landed jobs in the past, but for some reason, whatever they are doing now, isn’t working as well as it had before. Many things have changed since the last time they were pounding the pavement to find new employment.

During job searches, people struggle to find the right avenues to find that next job. Typically, the first move is to scour job boards on the internet endlessly, hoping for that perfect opening to materialize. Do these job postings really get you results? Sometimes they do, but in most cases, it is a slow process, and finding a new job takes a long time when you only do this. After weeks of pointing and clicking on various job descriptions, the realization usually sets in that, “well, this isn’t working….”.

Slowly, we struggle to find that new routine to uncover new possibilities.

What do we do next?
Where do we start?
Where do we go?
Who do we talk to?
What are we going to say?
BOOM! “Networking” and “Elevator Pitch” enters the highway to the new job.
When we started RockIt Careers over 5 years ago, we faced many of the same challenges. We asked ourselves many of the same questions above in hopes to grow a new business. How did we introduce ourselves to the local business community?
Networking, and a solid elevator pitch. Initially, we did a lot of internet searches to find the next opportunity to present ourselves. We developed a routine to get out into the public eye and share our vision of helping folks market and sell themselves effectively and land an offer with a new employer. We went about building our networking sphere and delivering elevator pitches anywhere we could.
After some trial and error, we found the avenues that eventually lead to customers, sales, and success. The same practices we implemented in networking and developing an elevator pitch to grow our business are the same practices that help job seekers find new employment.
As a job seeker, find the areas of your personal life and career life that overlap, and use that on-ramp to the freeway of virtual or in person meetings that align with your career goals.

If you want to find a job working as a lion tamer, find groups, meetings, and functions you can attend where other circus owners congregate on a regular basis. Then, have an elevator pitch ready to deliver, accentuating the “Who, What, and Why” you love lion taming as a profession. Have a memorable tag line at the end, so that people remember your name, and carry it forward.

This method of networking with a succinct elevator pitch accelerates the number of opportunities and interviews for not just the lion tamers of the world. It also works for Accountants, Engineers, and Auto Mechanics, too.

It’s our belief at RockIt that you can either struggle to find a job using the job boards, but through a commitment of time along with a good elevator pitch, networking yields better results in the long run. So, you do not have to re-invent the networking wheel, or the elevator pitch wheel, just get that wheel rolling for you.

We feel you will get more traction and rubber to the road utilizing this method, and you will be driving to that new place of employment sooner rather than later.

Of course, being the head of the sales department here at RockIt, if you need help finding those networking groups, or you need help crafting your elevator pitch, schedule a free initial consultation with us today.