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“I worked with Brian and Rockit on a a couple of new resumes….instant results. All I can say is they know the business and what employers look for when submitting a resume. I had two job offers in a matter of weeks.”

Betty Schubert

“Mitch and Brian have helped me immensely with their resume revision skills and expertise in the recruitment field. Their other training/preparation services are also innovative and helpful to both individuals looking for work and companies in need of new employees. Highly recommended!”

Ed Schmid

“Brian at Rockit Careers is fantastic! A true professional! If you’re looking for guidance, or Class A service to help start a new career, call Brian! He provides a number of different services that will absolutely help put you on the path to success! Thank you Brian, and thank you Rockit Careers!”

Jason Stumpf

“Brian did a wonderful job helping me find my new paralgal Kate!”


“Brian was great! I was a career changer. Brian helped me navigate into a new line of work. I would highly recommend this service!”

Adam Bent

“His resume and cover letter format has gotten me more interviews than I thought possible. I sent it out like to 6 different places. 5 interviewed me. And I took one of the positions. Prior to that I was sending hundreds a year and getting maybe 3 or 4 interviews in total. His resume format changed that in the best way.”

Adam H

“I couldn’t have been more satisfied with the personalized help I received. I came to RockIt Careers needing guidance with every aspect of the job search process: interviewing, resume, networking, career exploration, and advice about each step. Brian was a tremendous support, a wealth of knowledge from his experience as a recruiter, and very comfortable to talk to. I believe what I gained will benefit me the rest of my career. The basic package I purchased was also a great value and worth every penny!”

Jonathan Alden

“RockIt definitely made the difference in the job I was able to obtain and the time it took to get it. Working with Brian and RockIt was worth every penny, and if I am ever in a similar situation again locally, nationally, or globally I will be going back for sure as they were such a geat help and super knowledgeable in their craft. (just much sooner next time, don’t wait a year to get their help)”

Joe Hoing

“Brian is awesome! He helped a ton with my resume, and I was in a bit of a funk when we worked together and he really helped boost my confidence. Highly recommend!”

Erin Schnurbusch

“Brian and RockIt Career Consultation were very professional and knowledgable. They helped me to improve my professional image, perfect my resume and increased my interviewing and networking skills. With the addition of these skills, I was able to gain more leverage in my career field and hire into the exact position that I was looking for. I’m pleased with the results!”

S. Dub

“I would highly recommend RockIt Careers Consultation Services and Brian for any resume/CV assistance! Brian was super responsive, always took time to understand my needs and assisted in creating a wonderful CV for me.”

Melanie Bakalbasic

“Working with Rocket Career Consultation Services was absolutely awesome. Brian was easy to work with and the resume he put together for me was awesome. I would highly recommend them.”

Michael Wood

“Brian was great to work with, and really helped me navigate the job search process more confidently, and helped me go into interviews more confidently.

I got the Basic Package, and it may seem expensive at first glance. But after having the help and guidance of someone very experienced in this field to call on with questions throughout the job search process, I can confidently say it was worth every penny.”

Kevin Gentsch

“I needed help during a major career transition and RockIt Career Services helped to boost my confidence, helped me to create a “stand-out” resume. and I received beneficial interview practice. I worked with Brian and he was patient, professional and knowledgeable. What a great help during my transition. Highly recommended!”

Melissa Pickens

“RockIt Careers provides exceptional career advice! Brian is honest, sincere, and very encouraging. He helped me prepare for a job interview at the last minute. Brian’s assistance helped me improve my confidence and reduced my stress about the interview process. I recommended RockIt Careers to anyone looking for a new job or interested in changing their career!”

Denise Ucinski

“RockIt Career Consultation Services have done wonderous and amazing things for my career from resume and interview preparation to mapping out my career moves in the future. I strongly recommend them for anyone who is looking to get into the job, company, or industry they are wanting to badly break into as they have a wealth of successful experience in producing positive results for people.”

Stephen Hausladen

“I would recommend RockIt Career to anyone looking for a first job, a new job, or a career change. After the initial consultation, I could tell that Brian is knowledgeable and would be a good resource. He provided guidance, advice, and completely revamped my resume. Definitely worth your time to check out all the services they offer.”

Maria Roundtree

“RockIt Career Consultation was thorough with in going over my past work experience and translating my skills into a resume that got attention right away. They also worked with me in getting out of my comfort zone to test out networking. It has helped my confidence.”

Lana Payton
“I would highly recommend Rockit for any professionals who feel like they need a little help to go from being a good candidate to a great one. Brian took the time to really understand my background and where I wanted my career to go. He took what I felt was already an ok resume and elevated it to a top notch one. He also helped with my interviewing skills and overall confidence. I have no doubt that the success i’ve had in the last few years of my career are due in part to the advice I received from Brian at Rockit!”
Dan Sokolik

“Brian was great. Took the first meeting to really get to know me and my background and what I was doing and gave me the layout of the services they offer and how they tailor it for my skill and where I was looking to go job wise. The 2nd meeting was very through on what skill I obtained and how that relates to the job I was looking to move into. The online resume, in hand resume and cover letter were all top noch and when I started using them to apply for job I got way more responses from recruiters than I did using my resume from the career center at my college. 10/10 would recommend!”


I highly recommend RockIt for anyone looking to upgrade their resume. As a professional that recently reached the executive level, I was looking to refresh my resume in both content and format. Brian at RockIt spent ample time with me during our consultation and asked insightful questions, and he turned around a resume in about a week that exceeded my expectations. The format was a huge visual upgrade and I feel it makes my resume stand out. The content was also well written and does a nice job summarizing my past accomplishments and current professional standing. Brian and RockIt have also been available as needed for any follow up support- they will make you feel like a valued client.

Jeffrey B.

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