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RockIt Trajectory is our proprietary process of tracking down and contacting TOP Talent for your staffing requirements.

Our Comprehensive
Recruitment Process

Step 1

Initial Consultation

  • Engage in a detailed discussion with our team to understand your hiring needs, future role requirements, and your company’s growth trajectory.
  • Delve into the specifics of knowledge, skills, and abilities crucial for success in the roles you’re hiring.
  • Address salary considerations and market conditions to ensure a competitive edge.
Step 1

Step 2

Write Job Descriptions and Screen Interviews

  • Revise or create impactful job descriptions based on insights gathered during consultations.
  • Develop effective screening interviews to filter and present only the most qualified candidates for your consideration.
Step 2

Step 3

Source & Develop Candidate Pool

  • Strategically post your positions on relevant job boards.
  • Leverage our network, participate in job fairs, and utilize LinkedIn to source top-tier candidates.
Step 3

Step 4

Screen and Present Candidates

  • Free up your time by letting us handle the screening process.
  • We conduct rigorous screening interviews and present 3 to 5 high-quality candidates for your review.
Step 4

Optional Services

Schedule Interviews
Optimize your time by allowing us to schedule candidate interviews based on your availability.
Selection Consultation
Receive expert guidance on candidate selection and offer considerations to ensure fairness and competitiveness.
Candidate Offer and Negotiation
Delegate the offer process to us, with transparent communication at every stage of the negotiation.
Background Check (Addtl cost)
Mitigate risks and ensure confidence in your hires through comprehensive background checks handled by a trusted third-party.
On-Boarding Consultation
Facilitate a smooth transition for new hires with personalized onboarding assistance, covering company culture, performance expectations, policies, benefits enrollment, career paths, and key introductions.
Day Guarantee

Partner with RockIt Careers for recruitment solutions that prioritize your business’s unique needs and growth objectives. Your success is our priority!

  • We stand by the quality of our placements with a 90-day guarantee.
  • In the rare event of termination for cause or job abandonment, we commit to finding a replacement at no extra cost to you.

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