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We Always Strive For Five!

“I worked with Brian and Rockit on a a couple of new resumes….instant results. All I can say is they know the business and what employers look for when submitting a resume. I had two job offers in a matter of weeks.”

Betty Schubert

“Mitch and Brian have helped me immensely with their resume revision skills and expertise in the recruitment field. Their other training/preparation services are also innovative and helpful to both individuals looking for work and companies in need of new employees. Highly recommended!”

Ed Schmid

“Brian at Rockit Careers is fantastic! A true professional! If you’re looking for guidance, or Class A service to help start a new career, call Brian! He provides a number of different services that will absolutely help put you on the path to success! Thank you Brian, and thank you Rockit Careers!”

Jason Stumpf

“Brian did a wonderful job helping me find my new paralgal Kate!”

The Estep Law Firm

“Brian was great! I was a career changer. Brian helped me navigate into a new line of work. I would highly recommend this service!”

Adam Bent

“His resume and cover letter format has gotten me more interviews than I thought possible. I sent it out like to 6 different places. 5 interviewed me. And I took one of the positions. Prior to that I was sending hundreds a year and getting maybe 3 or 4 interviews in total. His resume format changed that in the best way.”

Adam H

“I couldn’t have been more satisfied with the personalized help I received. I came to RockIt Careers needing guidance with every aspect of the job search process: interviewing, resume, networking, career exploration, and advice about each step. Brian was a tremendous support, a wealth of knowledge from his experience as a recruiter, and very comfortable to talk to. I believe what I gained will benefit me the rest of my career. The basic package I purchased was also a great value and worth every penny!”

Jonathan Alden

“RockIt definitely made the difference in the job I was able to obtain and the time it took to get it. Working with Brian and RockIt was worth every penny, and if I am ever in a similar situation again locally, nationally, or globally I will be going back for sure as they were such a geat help and super knowledgeable in their craft. (just much sooner next time, don’t wait a year to get their help)”

Joe Hoing
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